6th Federated and Fractionated Satellite Systems Workshop

UPC BarcelonaTech - Barcelona, Spain

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we are pleased to invite you to the 6th Federated and Fractionated Satellite Systems Workshop (FFSS Workshop) that will be held in June, 2020 at UPC BarcelonaTech Campus Nord in Barcelona (Spain). This workshop aims at gathering world-class scientists, engineers, and educators engaged in the fields of federated and fractionated satellite systems.

Federated and Fractionated satellite systems are new concepts in space systems design aiming at creating a commercial cloud-computing environment to enable sharing and tradingĀ  in-space unused resources between spacecraft. Federated satellites exchange thus resources such as downlink opportunities, processing capability, and storage capacity. This exchange improves the utilization of spacecraft resources and makes use of unallocated resource margins of participating missions. In a commercial perspective, the federated satellite systems concept allows the creation of new markets of in-space resources, among other benefits in spacecraft cost, performance, and reliability. Researchers started to explore benefits and costs of a federated approach to spacecraft design, and several research avenues have just started opening in this field.

This event will forge links to create a multidisciplinary and international research and industrial community that will follow novel approaches to innovate the way in which spacecraft missions are conceived, designed, implemented, and operated. It is through this process that we will create transformational new space science and technology.

The topics of interest to the workshop include, but are not limited to:

  • Business case studies based on space infrastructures.
  • Applications of satellite networks for Earth Observation.
  • Distributed Earth observation applications and mission concepts.
  • Massive satellite system design for broadband communications.
  • Distributed and heterogeneous satellite systems and architectures.
  • Fractionated Systems.
  • Integration of satellite networks and 5G networks.
  • Inter Satellite Link technologies.
  • Concurrent engineering approaches for Federated Satellite Systems.
  • Artificial Intelligence and new technologies in satellite systems.
  • Autonomous and Decentralized operations in satellite systems.
  • Communications protocols for Inter Satellite Networks.
  • Internet of Things concepts applied to Federated Satellite Systems.
  • Resource management in distributed spacecraft systems.
  • Operational concepts for large-scale satellite systems.
  • In-orbit distributed data processing.
  • Small satellite distributed and collaborative networks.

A FFSS Workshop Interactive Laboratory (FFSS Workshop InLab) will take place during the workshop. It will host training or demo sessions where authors can present and demonstrate their own software, developed for specific tools, and applications.

The IEEE Journal on Miniaturization for Air and Space Systems (J-MASS) opens a Special Issue on Federated Satellite Systems in which authors of papers presented in the workshop are encouraged to submit an extended version. The J-MASS is a new technical journal devoted to covering the rapidly evolving field of small air and space systems such as drones and small satellites. These platforms offer new, low-cost ways to accomplish a wide range of sensing functions for applications ranging from agriculture to land use and ocean surveys.

We look forward to meeting you in Barcelona during the FFSS Workshop 2020.

The Organizing Committee