4th International Federated and Fractionated Satellite Systems Workshop

October 10-11, 2016

Sapienza University
Rome – Italy

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The topic of Satellite Constellations is becoming of fundamental importance for a variety of new and existing applications. Earth Observation applications firstly -both optical and radar- can gain a consistent advantage in terms of revisit time and quasi real-time service provision if their associated missions are conceived as a distributed orbiting system instead of a single spacecraft capability.

In addition, new services can be enabled by the availability of orbiting infrastructures that can provide data relay and in-orbit computing capabilities, in a System of Systems logic. New markets can be created by the enhancement of existing applications potentialities and by the additional possibilities arising from brand new services.

In such a context, Federated satellite systems are a new concept in space systems design that aims to create a commercial cloud-computing environment to enable sharing and trading off in-space resources between spacecraft. Federated satellites exchange resources such as link capacity, processing capability and storage capacity. This exchange improves the efficiency utilization of spacecraft resources and makes use of unallocated resource margins of participating missions.

In a commercial perspective, the federated satellite systems concept allows the creation of new markets of in-space resources, among other benefits in spacecraft cost, performance, and reliability. Researchers started to explore benefits and costs of a federated approach to spacecraft design, and several research avenues have just started opening in this field.


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