FSS Workshop 2017 Proceedings



Klaus Schilling, TIM: A Small Satellite Formation for Joint 3D Earth Observation, University Wuerzburg

Gianluca Palermo, Evaluation of production models in large-scale satellite manufacturing, Sapienza University, Rome, Italy

Carles Araguz, Optimized model-based design space exploration of distributed multi-orbit multi-platform Earth observation spacecraft architectures, Technical University of Catalonia – UPC BarcelonaTech

Avner Kaidar, GPS disciplined oscillator for geolocation with the Samson Satellite Cluster, Technion

Pini Gurfil, Cluster Keeping Algorithms for the Satellite Swarm Sensor Network Project, Technion

The potential impact of small satellite radar constellations on traditional space systems – S. Dinand – ESA

Deschamps Henrick, Distributing Cyber-Physical Systems Simulation:The Satellite Constellation Case, ISAE Supaéro / Airbus Operation SAS

Rustam Akhtyamov, Identifying retrofitting opportunities for Federated Satellite Systems, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

Emmanuel Lochin, TCP Non-Renegable Selective Acknowledgments (NR-SACKs) and benefits for space and satellite communications, ISAE-SUPAERO

Joan Adrià Ruiz de Azúa Ortega, Internet of Satellites (IoSat): An Interconnected Space Segment Paradigm, Network Department – Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)

Bastien TAURAN, Impact of Delayed Acknowledgment on TCP performance over LEO satellite constellations, ISAE-SUPAERO & TéSA