Barcelona, the cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s Catalonia region, is known for its art and architecture. Wherever you are in Barcelona, there’s always something to see nearby around the neighborhood or district: jewels of home-grown Catalan architecture, modernisme, and contemporary architecture, markets that are a treat for the senses, treasures of the ancient Roman and medieval city, parks where you can unwind, etc. And the best thing of all is, you don’t have to be a great explorer to find and discover all of Barcelona’s neighbourhoods.

Barcelona has many impressive buildings with styles going from the gothic to the modernism. Also the city has many archaeological sites that are well worth a visit. The ancient roman colony of Barcino -actually Barcelona- practically occupied the same extension of land today is the old Gothic neighborhood in the center of the city. Same place today is located the Barcelona Cathedral, the Catalonia’s official government buildings and the Barcelona’s History Museum.

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