Mr. Michael Schmidt to deliver keynote at FSS Workshop at Skoltech

Mr. Michael Schmidt, Head of the Studies and Special Projects Division at the European Space Agency (ESA ESOC) – Keynote Speaker at the FSS Workshop

Dear colleagues,

We are proud to announce that Mr. Michael Schmidt will deliver the keynote speech at the Federated Satellite Systems Workshop, that will be held at Skoltech from October 13-15, 2014.

Mr. Schmidt is presently the Head of the Studies and Special Projects Division at the European Space Agency (ESA ESOC). Mr. Schmidt has over 30 years of experience in spacecraft operations at ESA and DLR.

In his functions at ESA ESOC, Mr. Schmidt cooperated with other space agencies in the area of Data Relay Systems. He was involved in LEOP support for the Earth Observation Satellite ERS-2, and served as Spacecraft Operations Manager for the INTEGRAL and XMM missions.

Mr. Schmidt is ESA representative in various international working groups, such as Spaceops and the Interagency Operations Working Group (IOAG). He is in charge of the operations of small satellite missions at ESA.

In his keynote, Mr. Schmidt will discuss key aspects pertinent to Federated Satellite Systems such as the Space Internet concept elaborated by the Interagency Operations Working Group, and new opportunities opened by interoperating satellite swarms.

We are very happy to welcome Mr. Schmidt and all participants to the workshop.

The final workshop program will be sent to all attendees the first week of September.

With kind regards,
Prof. Alessandro Golkar, Skoltech, on behalf of the FSS Technical Committee